Minor Plumbing Works That You Can Do On Your Own

While the service of the plumber is good if it is accessible and available all the time you needed it, it is very helpful too, that you will not depend on the plumber to do all the work when you can fix it. There are some minor and simple cases in which you won’t need to call the service of the plumber especially if you are the man in the house. This will not only help a lot in the budget, you can also save your time and effort to screen the applicant and to pick whom you think is good enough to get the plumbing job.

So, here are some minor plumbing works that you can do on your own and no need for a help of the professional plumber in your area.

  1. Replacing the faucet in the sink

If you are planning to replace the faucet in the sink because it drips, then go ahead. That is just a simple work of plumbing that any male can do; even some females can do it too. There is nothing to worry about replacing the faucet on your own since it will not cause any damage to health or your property. If you think you can do it, then just go ahead. This work is just minor and can be done even without the help of the plumber.

  1. Clogging on the drain

Sometimes, you can get fix the drain on your own and sometimes not. If the clog is caused by the blockage of the solid fats that you have thrown on the water drainage, then you can try pouring hot water on it.  If it is the drainage of the sink, there are some products you can buy in the supermarket too that can unclog or loosen the clog in the sink such as Mr. Muscle. Otherwise, if the case is serious, then it needs some snake drain. If you are unsure on how to solve the clog, you can always ask the service of the plumber. They are available and ready to save you in a situation like this.

  1. Installing New Shower Head

Replacing the rusty shower head to a glossy new one is just so simple. You will only need to unloosen the screw on the shower head, clean off the thread then wrap it with Teflon tape before you screw the new head shower head into it. See, anyone can do it even if they are not plumbers.

But if your shower stops running and your apartment or flat is on the 9th floor of the building, chances are these needs some intervention of plumber in the system. It is possible that the pressure of the water cannot reach that far, and the plumber can recommend some solution to problems like that, and unless you are a plumber yourself we will not advise you to call the service of the plumber in your area. In case to case basis, sometimes you may do it yourself, other times it is better to call the plumber.