Things You Need To Know About Air Con Chemical Wash

Even if you do regular cleaning on your air conditioning unit, there are still parts that haven’t been properly cleaned, especially those internal parts that cannot be reached. This will result in the formation of molds which can impede the performance of the air conditioner on which, you might need to buy new ones from aircon parts supplier singapore. If you own an old air conditioning and you notice the air gets warmer, you better call for professional service to do a chemical wash for your air conditioning.

How Does It Work

The process of chemical washing involves the spraying of water and liquid chemicals into the fan coil units to effectively remove dirt and clogs that may result in poor performance and water leaks. It is the best services you can get if you already start smelling something from your air conditioner. The smell is caused by the piled dirt and contaminants in the internal part of the air conditioning device which can only be removed by chemical wash.


Many savvy homeowners will opt to clean their air conditioning device to prevent leaking and bad smell from the AC but if this happens, they already call the professional help because it will entirely give refreshing smell if the air conditioning device will undergo chemical wash. Aside from fresh air, after the chemical wash, it will also boost the performance of the air conditioning and less consumption of electrical energy.


The chemical wash cleaning of the air conditioning company varies from 80 to 200 dollars depending on the need for the air conditioning. There are instances that the services techniciansneed to dismantle the unit in order to thoroughly remove clog and dirt and of course, this will cause you a little in the charge.

Mistakes That You Must Avoid

This section is for those who want to do the chemical washing on their own to save some budget. In order to prevent mistakes, we can give you few tips when you do the chemical wash for your air conditioner.


  • Use the proper and right chemical cleaning products. Shop around the local market and see what is available and best for your air conditioning unit. Sometimes, homeowners formulate their own fruit enzymes instead of chemical wash to clean the air conditioner.


  • Turn off the air conditioner before you start cleaning it and always ensure that you had the right tools. Use water to make sure that you had rinsed the chemicals off in the air conditioning device.


  • Follow the right procedure for chemical washing. Some chemical products come with the right process of washing. If you follow this, then you will not worry if you had done something wrong that could cause damage to your air conditioner.


When you choose to do the chemical washing on your own, remember that you had put the risk into your own hands and whatever the damage or good effect it is solely your responsibility. However, if you do not want to experiment on it on your own then you can call the professional service and you will see how much difference it makes when it is done with the chemical wash.


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